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Formerly known as the
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Royal Doulton Bunnykins

With a history dating back to 1815. Royal Doulton is Britain’s largest manufacturer of ceramics and one of the country’s favourite brands. Highly respected and admired globally for its quality, creativity and craftsmanship. Royal Doulton now works with some of the finest artists and designers in the world. As a result, creating spectacular china ware, glass ware and gift ware.

The adorable Bunnykins collection comprises a range of children’s china mugs, plates, sets and giftware. These are adorned with enchanting illustrations from the favourite childhood series. Also on offer is elegant Highclere crystal stemware, made from 24% lead crystal and with a clarity and crispness that is second to none.

Feel free to browse and buy online. Else, If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the Chinashop on 01227 230970. In addition, all orders over £40 include free delivery. While also a stunning luxury gift wrapping service is available for those special occasions.

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