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Formerly known as the
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John Beswick

John Beswick has become a famous name associated with fine English ceramics since 1894. Today, the fine pieces are made using the same traditional skills in modelling and hand-painting, that have been the pride of the company since its foundation. The current Beswick collection continues the proud heritage of fine quality and detail in every piece as it is now part of the Dartington Crystal group.

In particular, the Silhouette D’Art vase collection features a perfect balance between classic Art masterpieces with a contemporary style vase with its uniquely profiled top edge. This collection is produced in collaboration with Parastone, a long established Dutch Art company, and is a fine example of the stunning designs in the catalogue. We also stock the John Beswick SnowmanDoug HydePocket Mirror and Pillbox collections for you to view at your pleasure. All pieces are eligible for our luxury gift wrapping service and any order over £40 will come with free UK delivery. If you have any questions please call us on 01227 230970.

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