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Our Wedding Gift Guide

By Sophie Colclough 

Buying a wedding gift for the bride and groom is usually quite straightforward nowadays, with lots of couples signing up for wedding registries or asking for money that goes towards funding their honeymoon. Some people like to choose a meaningful keepsake for the happy couple to go alongside monetary gifts, particularly those closest to the bride and groom. However, in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning it is often easy for families to forget the little details that make a day so special – like a wedding gift for your loved ones!

As for the bride and groom themselves, it is traditional to exchange small gifts on the day, and there isn’t a registry for that! If your wedding day is approaching and you’re still looking for that perfect wedding day gift, this helpful guide will give you some wedding gift ideas that will take at least some of the stress out of your special day.

1) John Beswick The Kiss Vase – £40

This is a perfect gift for a stay-at-home partner. Having a beautiful vase to put your bouquet in after the big day is a handy idea, helping to keep the flowers fresh for longer. This Silhouette De Art vase features Klimt’s famous painting The Kiss, and is a lovely gift that will last for years to come, even if the flowers don’t! The romance of this painting is an enduring symbol of love, making it a wonderful piece of art to associate with your wedding day.

If giving the bride useful gifts sounds like something that she would appreciate, this is the one for you.

2) Maleras Large Red Heart – £45

Capture your undying love for your spouse in this gorgeous crystal ornament from Maleras. Nothing says romance like a red heart, so whether you’re shopping for gifts for the bride, the groom or a non-binary spouse, this simple keepsake is a reliable choice.

Wedding gifts are often practical pieces, so we think that these meaningful choices make a lovely change from the plethora of hand-towels that so many couples receive!

3) Sophie Conran Footed Cake Plate – £46

A central part of the wedding day is the moment when the newlyweds cut the cake. Take a flavour of the ceremony home with this stylish cake plate from Sophie Conran for Portmeirion. Homeware pieces make thoughtful gifts for any spouse who likes baking or hosting, acting as a thoughtful reminder of your wedding day when they serve up a sweet treat. If you and your spouse haven’t agreed to do a gift exchange, surprise them with this porcelain present!

If you keep the tradition of preserving the smallest tier of your cake, why not enjoy it a year later on your anniversary, presented on this lovely plate?


4) Dartington Champagne Flutes – £49

If your gift exchange is a quiet affair during a ‘first look’, or perhaps after you’ve slipped away from the dancing on the big day, then what better gift than a pair of champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly? It’s simple and sentimental, making the most of quality time as a couple rather than buying an expensive keepsake.

Check out our Kir Royale recipe to make the most of these elegant flutes!

5)Waterford Crystal Belle Coupe Pair – £65

These vintage champagne glasses are perfect gifts for a couple who enjoy the old-fashioned romance of the 1900s. They come in a gunmetal-grey gift box, making them perfect for giving at special occasions, while the premium crystal used in this pair makes them a classic piece of stemware.

These Belle Coupes will great for use on anniversaries for years to come, serving as a physical reminder of the happy couple’s wedding night.


6) Royal Scot Crystal Belgravia Ruby Wine Glass Pair – £89.50

Red is the colour of love, so if your loved one enjoys a glass of wine then this could be the gift for them! Commemorate the magic of your wedding day with these hand-cut crystal wine glasses. They can be brought out at every special occasion in the future, or used in your day-to-day as a married couple. The fact that they come as a pair makes them perfect for sharing a bottle of your favourite wine!

7) Svaja Emperor Penguin Pair – £95

Did you know that penguins mate for life? That’s what makes them popular symbols of love that are exchanged by a husband and wife or given to couples as quirky present ideas. While these are popular as anniversary gifts, they also make charming pieces of home décor that can be gifted on a couple’s big day. This pair of penguins are hand-made from crystal, making them a luxurious finishing touch to a room. While this figural pair is not of a bride and groom, the cute couple is definitely a symbol of undying affection.


8) Nao Unforgettable Day – £110.50

Porcelain figurines are traditional gifts to give a couple at their wedding. This exquisite Nao piece captures the tenderness of a matrimonial ceremony and immortalizes it in a sweet, sentimental statue. This is an ideal wedding gift for bride and groom alike, so if you’re searching for the perfect gift for your sweetheart or the happy couple, this is a lovely choice. No matter how many anniversary celebrations you have ahead, this keepsake will be a lovely reminder of your special day.

9) Maleras Large Red Tree of Life – £199

Surprise your spouse-to-be at your gift exchange with this lovely crystal ornament! This piece is commonly associated with the cycle of birth and death in the world, making this a lovely gift for your soulmate, especially if you plan to extend your family tree.

While this ornament might not be a conventional gift, it is full of meaning and affection, perfect for giving to your partner at your wedding. The chances are, if you’re reading this guide you are looking for ideas beyond the ordinary, making this a fantastic option if your partner prefers something unexpected.


10) Lalique Large Lovebirds – £395

What better symbol for newlyweds than a pair of lovebirds kissing? This cute crystal couple is perfect for commemorating a moment of eternal love between you and your spouse. Whether you use this piece of exquisitely crafted crystal as an ornament or as a paperweight, it adds a touch of sweetness to your space.

If the person you’re about to get married to appreciates the finer things, they’re sure to love this!

11) Lladro The Happiest Day – £578

If you’re still looking for ideas for wedding gifts then perhaps this gorgeous Lladro figurine will take your fancy. Made in ‘the city of porcelain’, Valencia, this piece is hand-produced by skilled artisans to capture the bride being carried over the threshold into her new home on her wedding night. Each exquisite detail has been made with love, designed to celebrate your memories from your wedding day.

When you think of a wedding day gift, this comes to mind as the epitome of romantic gifts.


12) Lladro Soulmates – £544-£595

If you are attending a wedding between a queer or interracial couple, then Lladro’s new Soulmates collection could be the gifts for you! The new range features four interchangeable Bride and Groom pieces in two different skin tones. These figurines are designed to pair with each other in a variety of ways, allowing you to build a couple that reflects your unique love, regardless of the boundaries of gender, race and borders.

Whether you’re having a leisurely browse or are searching for a last-minute gift to keep you from the dog-house, we have a range of options for you. With next-working-day courier delivery available, as well as a luxury gift wrapping option, buying a wedding gift has never been easier. You can have your chosen gift delivered straight to your door, and all you have to do is open the box!


*Please note that all prices were accurate at the date of publication and are subject to change depending on sale status and supply.


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