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Our Birthday Gift Guide

By Sophie Colclough 

When you’ve known somebody for years it can become harder to find them a really meaningful birthday gift without repeating something that you’ve already given them. Here at The Chinashop we believe that every occasion should feel special, whether that’s a big milestone birthday or something as mundane as turning 37. We’ve put together our top ten birthday gift ideas, each paired with a personal twist to help you make every day wonderful for your loved ones!

1) Dunoon Cairngorm Hot Spots Mug – £19.50

Give them a practical gift this year! This vibrant ‘Hot Spots’ mug is sure to brighten up their day with its eclectic pattern and warm colour palette. The mug is made of fine bone china, making it a great option for any hot drink. It’s also microwave and dishwasher safe, making it a hassle-free way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee!

To make this gift extra-special, why not fill it with their favourite sweets, teabags or a DIY hot-chocolate kit? It’s always the little details that show how much you care, down to learning how they take their coffee.

2) Sara Miller London Medium Chelsea Vase – £36.50

This detailed vase from the Sara Miller London design studio is a beautiful addition to any home. Made of glass and embellished with real gold details, this vase is a little bit of luxury. If you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t usually receive flowers this could be a wonderful surprise!

The twist for this gift won’t come as a shock – the vase should be presented full of fresh flowers! You can choose either your loved one’s favourite variety or choose a bunch with a special symbolism; white roses mean pure love, while carnations represent devotion. Alternatively, you could pick up a bunch of your loved one’s birth flowers, which correlate to the month in which they were born.

3) Sophie Conran White Footed Cake Plate – £46

An essential part of every birthday celebration is the cake! If your loved one is an avid host or baker, this stylish piece of porcelain partyware will be perfect for them. The Sophie Conran White range is suitable for use in the microwave, dishwasher and oven so this piece will be great for any occasion (although we would recommend baking the birthday cake in a tin first).

While this piece comes in a beautiful gift box, you can pull out all of the stops by gifting it complete with a show-stopping cake on top. Alternatively, why not include a hand-written recipe for a family favourite cake inside the box?


4) Nao Forever In My Heart – £55.25

This cute little Cupid-inspired statue is a lovely piece for someone who is spiritual or religious. Whether you believe in angels in the biblical sense or are inspired by their rich history and symbolism, these beings are often related to protection and affection. 

A lovely personal touch to this gift would be to include an angel-themed poem, quote or message in the wrapping. It would also be sweet to include some dried rose petals in the package for a romantic partner! 

5) Portmeirion Botanic Garden Hydrangea Teapot – £67

Tea has become a staple of British culture. Whether you like it black, green or fruity, there is something wonderfully comforting about sitting with a cup of tea and a biscuit. This beautiful Botanic Garden teapot is perfect for sharing that experience with a loved one, making it a wonderful birthday gift for any tea lover.

To put a more personal spin on this gift, you can fill the teapot with individually wrapped teabags or a small bag of fresh, home-made cookies to enjoy with a brew.

6) Maleras Floral Fantasy Red Rose – £85

This gorgeous crystal ornament is perfect for showing someone special how much you care. Each one is hand-made by skilled artisans in Sweden using traditional methods. The piece is – as you would expect – crystal clear, except for the sandblasted floral motif that is cut into the reverse. This allows it to interact beautifully with light in your home.

To make this gift personally meaningful, why not fill the box with notes telling your loved one what you love about them?

7) Royal Scot Crystal Edinburgh Single Malt Decanter – £110

This gift is perfect for the whisky lover in your life. This hand-crafted cut crystal decanter is ideal for serving and storing a single malt scotch, allowing its flavours to breathe while looking elegant inside. Most whisky drinkers would have a special whisky glass to enjoy their tipple in, but not as many have a dedicated decanter, making this a unique and thoughtful gift.

To put your own special twist on this gift, pair the decanter with a bottle of their favourite scotch, or present the decanter with a box of rich truffles to perfectly offset the flavour of their preferred spirit.


8) Poole Pottery 20 cm Ocean Purse Vase – £120

This hand-crafted porcelain vase is a beautiful piece of home decor, perfect for adding some serene watery tones to your bathroom. Each piece is slightly different due to their hand-made glaze pattern, making it as unique as you are. 

To put a fun spin on this gift, why not fill it with miniature bath bombs or sachets of salts to help your loved one unwind? It’s a different take on a vase as decor rather than as a practical piece, and giving it that bath-themed spin ties in perfectly with the oceanic pattern in the glaze. 

9) Lladro Happy Birthday – £165.75

This exquisite Lladro piece is perfect as a birthday gift. Featuring Lladro’s signature standard of fine craftsmanship, this porcelain figurine depicts a young girl offering you a slice of birthday cake. In soft pastel colours, this piece is a wonderful commemmoration of such a happy event. 

This figurine doesn’t really need a twist, but to add to the festivity of the occasion, why not pair it with a musical card that sings ‘happy birthday’ to your loved one? They always get an extra giggle at parties, or are a lovely moment if you’re sending the gift to someone who lives further away. 


10) Lalique Clear Heart Paperweight

What says ‘I love you’ more clearly than a heart? This elegant knotted heart paperweight is made of solid crystal, making it a wonderful keepsake that will last for a lifetime. 

As this piece is a paperweight, what better way to add a personal touch than with a stack of letters? A popular gift idea is something called ‘Open When…’ letters, which can be personalised to specific events or feelings, such as ‘Open When You Miss Me’ or ‘Open When You Graduate’. You can fill them with sweet sentiments or miniature gifts, turning a simple letter into a special keepsake. 

We hope this gift guide has helped to inspire you with the perfect birthday gift. If you have any questions or are looking for something more specific, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 01227 230970!


*Please note that all prices were accurate at the date of publication and are subject to change depending on sale status and supply.


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