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A family run independent store




Behind the Scenes

By Sophie Colclough

This week we’re taking you behind the scenes of our small family business to show you what goes on behind closed doors. Every step of your order is handled by a dedicated member of our team, making the process a labour of love from our family to yours. Follow along to see the magic of our behind the scenes activities!

Our website

Everything on our website is carefully curated by our owner Di, the content manager Sophie and our web development team. This includes everything from the layout to product descriptions and in-basket promotions. It’s regularly updated to give you the best information available.

If you’ve called or emailed the team here with a question, the chances are that we’ve made a note of your enquiry and we’re working on adding the information to the website. We do this to make sure that your shopping experience is as smooth as possible in future.

At the moment we’re working on getting some exciting new products live on the website, from our fabulous Ashleigh & Burwood home fragrances to some cute new baby products from our Beatrix Potter range. Keep your eyes peeled for updates coming soon!

A person with purple hair wearing a black t shirt, sitting at a desk with a computer and a plant in the background

Placing your order

If you have any questions you’ll probably have popped us an email or spoken to a member of our admin team over the phone. If you have, you’ll have spoken to either our owner Mark or head of administration Chlo, who are happy to answer any queries you have.

Once you’ve found the perfect piece, you can decide whether you want to include gift-wrapping, special delivery or a note to your gift recipient. You’ve then gone through the checkout online, which processes all of your information through a secure system.

Alternatively, you can place an order directly with us over the phone, which we often recommend if you’re ordering a special purchase piece. This allows us to give you the most accurate delivery estimate and talk you through the process of getting pieces ordered in from our suppliers. 

Order Processing

If you’ve placed an online order, our first point of contact is in order processing. Did you know that when you get your confirmation email, we do too? This email is picked up by our administration team, who follow a number of steps to make sure your order gets where it needs to go.

On most days Mary-Ann will start her day by exporting all of our overnight orders, then she’ll pop the information onto a spreadsheet where we can track its progress, followed by printing off a copy to go down to the picking team. We take your products off our inventory and update our website if we’ve sold out of something, or pass any special purchase items over to Chlo to be ordered in from our suppliers across Europe.

Once we’re sure we’ve got everything you bought, the paper version of your order then travels into the basement of our Canterbury store, which is where all of the really interesting things happen behind the scenes.

A person writing on an order form in front of computer
Hands taking a box off a shelf of products

Picking your products

Every order is picked by hand. We have pieces all over our shop and in a dedicated stock room downstairs, which is where the majority of our items are kept. Everything is grouped by brand, making things a little bit easier to find, as our basement is a maze – from packing areas and stock rooms to the kitchen and content office.

The picking is normally done by the admin team as this gives them a break from the long hours of screen time. We check that the codes on our products matches the one on your order, then pass the order over to the packing team. The hand-over is done on what we call our packing shelves, where items are placed on their printed orders and arranged in priority order – from gift-wrapped express deliveries down to standard shipping with no add-ons. 

Luxury Gift Wrapping

Any orders with our gift wrapping option selected go though their own process. Once our packers have checked the product to make sure there are no defects, we put them back in their boxes and wrap them in a special white and silver paper. We add a thick white ribbon that is wrapped around each side of the box and tied at the top. To give your gift a pop of colour we add a couple of smaller ribbons and a sparkly gift tag with your message attached. 

a pair of hands wrapping a small box in white and silver spotty paper on a workbench
A pile of large brown boxes with fragile tape around them


Once it’s all wrapped up, we put it into cardboard outer cartons. We get donations of cardboard boxes from surrounding local businesses as well as our own specialist packaging. We also save the biodegradable packing peanuts from our supplier deliveries like Royal Scot Crystal, which we pop into customer orders to keep fragile porcelain and crystal pieces safe. We reuse these boxes to help save the planet as much as we can by reducing local waste.

Some members of staff have started playing pranks on each other by hiding inside really big boxes. There’s never a dull moment here! 


Once we’ve put your order in the perfect box we’ll book it in for collection online with your chosen courier. DPD and Royal Mail delivery drivers will arrive every weekday afternoon to collect your packages and take them on an adventure.

Once this happens the packing team will notify you via our online systems, sending you a tracking number so you can follow your parcel’s progress. We then update our spreadsheet with all of the information to ensure that the admin team is able to answer any questions you may have, should you need to get in touch again.


A young man carrying three boxes up the stairs


A day or two later your parcel should arrive with you or your loved one, ready to be opened and enjoyed for years to come. If you’re happy with your order and would like to say thank you, please consider leaving us a review on Google – this really helps us out!


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